Dobra jakość w niskiej cenie


The quieter moments of summer are the best time to renovate SMT placement systems. The manufacturing facility now runs with state-of-the-art machines that are the latest generation of SMT placement technology.

When our editor visited Darekon’s factory in Gdansk, Poland, in midJune, the equipment had arrived at the facility the week before and put in place and levelled. Cabling was underway, to be followed by calibration and thorough testing of the equipment. Top-tier machines for even the most demanding jobs ASM Siplace X4 is the most advanced device in its category and, according to the manufacturer, one of the fastest SMT machines on the market. Two of its four revolver heads are so-called ‘chip-shooters’, the other two intended for slightly larger components. The placement line can handle components with a size starting from 01005, which means outer dimensions of 0.4×0.2mm. The placement accuracy is at best ±22 micrometres. The placement speed is several tens of thousands of components per hour. Another placement machine operating in the same line is the Siplace SX2 model. It has two placement heads. One as in the best on the market CPP collect and place revolver and the other is a so-called ‘twin head’ placing mechanism that picks up larger components from the feed tray. With this line, it is possible to place all possible SMT components…

Find out more here: https://darekon.com/darekon-customer-magazine-2023/

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